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About Boo Boo Balls Products

Boo Boo Balls, represented by and! Sales, are First Aid Kits You Can CUDDLE! Matching Bandages, Icepacks, stickers & more INCLUDED inside every plushie! Soothes stress & boos too. Perfect for any kid.. First-Aid Kit + super soft plush friend IN ONE! Bandages, stickers, and so much more come INCLUDED inside every plushie! Gives you hugs when you need one most. The BOO BOO BALL acts as an anxiety toy, someone to hold & hug when you get hurt, while also patching up those boo boos!

About the Boo Boo Balls

Created by 22-year-old Florida State Grad, Hilary Richards. Growing up Hilary watched her mom, a 3rd-grade teacher, and owner of a children’s boutique, Hilary grew a passion for plushies, children’s products, and helping others. This drove her to innovate a new way to make kids feel better not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too when they get hurt.

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