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About the Company

At Creative Brands, their people are what set them apart. The heart of what they do starts with a creative team of people who forecast the newest trends and work with designers to create unique, trend-setting products at price points that work. Combining on-trend products at reasonable price points and excellent customer service ensures a formula for success their customers can count on!

About the Products

Creative Brands has a team of energetic, fashion-driven product people who travel the world for unique products and bring the very best in color, trend, design & social consciousness to gift and home décor products. Creative Brands products are as diverse as the people buying them; delivering style and selection at attractive price points. their pledge is to provide you the very best: the best products and designs at the best prices: on-trend and on-time. Creative Brands includes Faithworks, Heartfelt, Santa Barbara Design Studio, SIPS, Christian Brands, Stephan Baby, Leight It Up, and 47th & Main.

Creative Brands Special Offers

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September Road Promotions ***Valid 09/01 – 09/30***
Pre-Pay Order Promotions (cc needed for this promo)
$750+ 10% Discount
$1,500+ Free Freight + 5%
$3,000+ Free Freight + 10%
Terms/Dating Promotions
$500+ Net 60
$1500+ 5% + 12/10/23 Dating
$3,000+ Free Freight + 12/10/23 Dating

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