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We love a pretty table and recognize a need for a fuss-free way to set one. In 2010, Hester & Cook created products to do just that! Style a table in paper while maintaining the aesthetic of high-end elegance. Lovingly set a table with paper placemats, serving papers, place cards, table runners and table accents.

2019 Geographic Management Policy
Hester & Cook geographically manages its business in order to not oversaturate an area. Protection is based on a 1-3 mile range and is determined by volume, geographic regions and product – we do not ZIP
code protect. Retailers with multiple locations must have each location approved individually. Hester & Cook, as well as representatives of the line, reserve the right to open accounts at their discretion. Accounts carrying greeting cards only are not protected.To remain geographically protected, you must place an order every 90 days with a minimum annual spend of $2,000. Despite our best efforts,
mistakes can happen in this process. We ask for your kindness and patience as we attempt resolve any issues. We understand that 2019 will be a transitional year for this policy and will require effort to educate the customers. If a potential new customer poses a territory conflict, and the existing account is not meeting protection requirements, we will offer the existing client first right of refusal. In this instance, reps should reach out to the customer, inform them of our new policy and ask them to carry the depth of product that will ensure their success with the line. While we do not want to oversaturate a market, we want to make sure a variety of product is available within a community. We currently offer
20 different collections, which provides the opportunity for multiple accounts to exist within same 1-3 mile radius and still offer different products.

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