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Imagine Design, represented by and! Sales, produces socially conscious, inspirational gifts of all kinds. Mugs, framed art, plagues, and more. Each Imagine Design product line is carefully designed and USA handcrafted in Minnesota using the finest quality materials, enhanced by our creative use of media, depth, and embellishments. As a commitment to their retail customers, we offer attractive displays for presentations that are all available with product offset. Their workmanship is state-of-the-art and they strive to exceed your customer service expectations.

Imagine Design is most proud of how they contribute to the community through the mission of their parent company, AccessAbility, Inc. AccessAbility is an established non-profit organization that has been serving Minnesota for over 70 years. AccessAbility’s mission is to provide opportunities for self-sufficiency for people with barriers to employment and community inclusion. A core value of their organization is the belief that every person’s life is significant and that they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Imagine Design strives to empower people to enrich or transform their lives in a meaningful way. No matter what barrier one may have, each and every person has a valuable role in our community and the fundamental right to be included. They approach their mission by first understanding each person’s story and tailoring programs and delivering services that address their individual needs, regardless of the challenges they face. AccessAbility develops person-centered activities, training, employment, and resources to help individuals set and achieve their goals.

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