and! Sales Leight Works

About the Products

LeightWorks, represented by and! Sales, is a crystal jewelry line created with fine optic glass and natural crystal is hand cut and layered inside with precious metals to produce the iridescent glow of color from within. Different blends of precious metals product different colors. The pieces are frost or polish finished, then completed by handcrafting sterling silver and/or gold designs around. All pieces are custom shaped to enhance the light and color; bringing style, simple elegance and an “Eye-Catching” quality to all who wear them.

About the Company

During a farmers market in May 2005, a customer asked David Leight to transform one of the his custom paperweights into a pendant, and that was it, David found his calling. He began to focus his unique signature techniques into the creation of his LeightWorks Crystal Jewelry line, which he continues today.

His work is now sold all throughout the USA in various museums, galleries, casinos, cruise ships, gift shops and other retail locations. LeightWorks has been seen on Fox, NBC, KUSI and other news shows and won Best Jewelry Fiesta Hermosa Beach, Labor Day 2011.

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