and! Sales Mangiacotti

About the Products

Mangiacotti, represented by and! Sales, is a natural plant-based personal care and home fragrance products. They make items such as surface cleaner, kitchen soap, hand wash, shea butter bar soap, soy candles, hand sanitizer, lip or hand repair, and whipped body care.

About the Company

The Mangiacotti Collection is a company with good intentions. They understand products made today will affect the planet and future generations. Because of this awareness, they are focusing their energy and resources on “greening” products. It is very important for them to meet the growing demand of products that use recyclable materials, vegetable-based inks, and formulas that are kind to Mother Earth. Mangiacotti products are made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients and never tested on animals. All of their products are proudly made in America and finished by citizens with disabilities.

View the catalog here.
View the catalog here.