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About Olika’s Products

Olika, represented by and! Sales, created a hand sanitizer is essential for every day and everywhere. Their hydrating, misting hand sanitizer keeps you and your family safe, so you can connect with the world around you.

About the Olika

Olika means Differently in Swedish. They believe that the things you do every day should delight you! That’s why they designed a product that’s not only beautiful, nature-inspired, and ergonomic but made with the purest, most effective ingredients. Their hand sanitizer is:

Effective: The CDC recommends at least a 60% alcohol-based formula to be effective against 99.9% of germs. They use 65% ethyl alcohol.

Clean: Clean, safe formulation.

Essential Oil Fragrance Blend: They derive their fragrances from essential oil blends to deliver a perfect mist of fragrance with better-for-you ingredients.

Hydrating: Dry, cracked skin is unpleasant, but it’s also more prone to germs. Staying hydrated keeps your skin happy and safe.

Sustainable: They pass on single-use plastics. You’re always going to need more hand sanitizer. All of our products are refillable.

Chic: Elegant and simple bird-inspired form takes on an ergonomic shape that fits naturally into the palm of your hand.

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