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About the Products

Shell Creek Sellers, represented by and! Sales, launched in 2019 an effort to make Stainless Steel Straws a fun item to purchase. Their first offering was Eco~Bags with silly and impactful messages, which have been an extremely popular gift item. Each of these bags contains 2, 8.5 stainless steel straws, 1 wide straw for shakes or Boba and 1 Cleaning Brush. Since they have added Telescoping Straws with Telescoping Cleaning Brush that come in a 5 inch Key Chain with Carabiner. Finally, for the tall cup, we offer a single 10.5 inch straw for 30 ounce cups, with a Cleaning Brush and a colorful Felt Sleeve.

About the Company

Shell Creek Sellers have become passionate about eliminating single-use plastic. Most people think of ocean trash as the greatest problem caused by plastic but the manufacture of plastic also has a devastating effect on our ozone and therefore, our weather.

View the catalog here.
View the catalog here.