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I have been in the retail business as a salesman, then as a store manager since dinosaurs walked the earth. I began as a sales representative in the mid 1980’s in gift & home décor.

It has been my pleasure to represent many fine companies over the years. None, however, more important to me than those that are a part of the and!sales portfolio. I have watched and!sales growth from the ground up… and up and up to become a very notable company in this industry: great lines, great people, and great relationships.

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and! Sales Female Sales Rep
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I have been a sales representative in the card and gift industry for 24 years. My love of greeting cards was the original attraction to the industry and the strong relationships I form with my customers are the reasons I’ve stayed with this profession.

I have worked with and adapted to various sales groups with vendors’ lines ranging from very small to very large product inventory. In a territory that is sparsely populated and frequently challenged economically, I can meet the needs of the smallest remote stores, as well as, the larger urban businesses. My ability to learn quickly and fit into different group dynamics has allowed me to succeed in this challenging and rapidly changing profession as a sales representative.

I am involved with my Traverse City community in various ways: supporting local fundraising events, functioning as chairperson for silent auctions, and volunteering for various environmental projects. I continue to volunteer for the Traverse City Film Festival as I have for over 10 years -a world renown 7 day event- run entirely by 1500 or more volunteers.

I received my BS from Western Michigan University in Bio-medicine. I worked in the pharmaceutical drug & safety research industry conducting laboratory studies for over 10 years in Kalamazoo before moving to Traverse City. It was in Traverse City that I started working as a sales representative.

I live off the beaten path on the edge of a state forest with my husband, dog and three cats. I enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, cross country skiing and motorcycling. My indoor hobbies include yoga, the ukulele, stained glass and baking.

and! Sales Female Sales Rep
and! Sales Female Sales Rep
and! Sales Female Sales Rep
Mariola Tac

I am someone who thrives on expressing new and radical ideas, being creative and implementing my communication, research and development skills into the business world. I am proficient in discovering developments in trends, fashions and cultures. I am future minded and skilled in presenting strategies and applications that will drive business through ever changing environments with the use of branding, marketing and advertising.

My experiences show that I make a total commitment to a business. My experiences have allowed me to navigate a winding path through different aspects of the business world. I am proud of the knowledge I have gained and am eager to further prove myself as a leader and teacher while continuing to learn and grow. I have a take-charge attitude, and am able to provide clear direction through challenging situations. I know the importance of being a business soldier and taking direction, anything necessary to see a task through to completion.

I am enthusiastic about new opportunities. I am skilled in competitive negotiating, a creative business athlete who is eager to work with those who will push me to excel without limits.


Brian Kuszynski is the owner and founder of Zynk 30, a brand and marketing development firm. And! Sales partnered with Zynk 30 for all of its marketing needs.

Previous to founding Zynk 30, Brian’s career path included project management, business development, and freelance graphic design work. He received his B.A. from Roosevelt University, and currently serves as the Vice President of Member Development for the Business Executives Association of Chicago and Vice Chairman of the Roosevelt University Walter E. Heller College of Business Advisory Board.