Nicholas Vafakas


I am someone who thrives on expressing new and radical ideas, being creative and implementing my communication, research and development skills into the business world. I am proficient in discovering developments in trends, fashions and cultures. I am future minded and skilled in presenting strategies and applications that will drive business through ever changing environments with the use of branding, marketing and advertising.

My experiences show that I make a total commitment to a business. My experiences have allowed me to navigate a winding path through different aspects of the business world. I am proud of the knowledge I have gained and am eager to further prove myself as a leader and teacher while continuing to learn and grow. I have a take-charge attitude, and am able to provide clear direction through challenging situations. I know the importance of being a business soldier and taking direction, anything necessary to see a task through to completion.

I am enthusiastic about new opportunities. I am skilled in competitive negotiating, a creative business athlete who is eager to work with those who will push me to excel without limits.