and! Sales Virtual Market Day 5

Virtual Market Summer 2020 Day 5

Lantern Press

USA MADE Great art and fast turnaround times, including name drop! Accessories, souvenirs, drinkware and more.

Maya J

At Maya J, they believe jewelry is a celebration of a woman’s personal style, her intimate journey, and a representation of the special moments and people in her life. 

Lady Janye

Lady Jayne is your guide to all things sassy and classy. They make items for modern-day fashionistas and glam gals who appreciate life with a little more sparkle and polish. 

Creative Brands

Santa Barbara Design Studio Part 2

Santa Barbara Design Studio’s California roots leads them toward casual and hip, but they’re not confined to anything…they’ll throw in some home décoraccessories and totes. You’ll also find mugs and key chains with a blend of drinkware and kitchen accessories.