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and! Sales proudly introduces our new Brand Builder Program. In partnership with Zynk30, a marketing company with 10 years experience in the gift industry, and! sales has designed a program that can help take your brand to the next level. We have specifically designed this program with four diffrenet packages to help brands grow. Whether your brand is just starting or has been around for years, the Brand Builder Program has a package that will fit your needs.

Startup Brand
  • and! Sales Marketplace Listing: Get your brand listed on and! Sales marketplace. This is the area on our website that we list all of the brands that we represent. Our marketplace receives over 2,500 views from retailer buyers every month and they will all be seeing your brand!
  • Personal Consulting: Every quarter you will have a one-hour conference call with someone from our team. This is a personal one on one call to discuss your brand and how to take it to the next level.
  • and! Sales Retail Resource Library: You can access the and! Sales Retail Resource Library 24/7 through our website. This is exclusive to members of the brand builder program. The library includes surveys, white papers, videos, and other resources to help you learn more about creating a successful brand.
Growth Brand
  • Everything in the Startup Brand package plus:
  • Target Market Heat Mapping*: Expand your market. Our database is filled with thousands of retailers from across the country. We will assist you in identifying an area to grow in to. Once identified, we will heat map the new target market to give you an online tool to use to engage new customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)*: Your website is the face of your brand. Make sure that it is reaching the correct audience. Through our SEO services, we will assess your website search-ability and create a plan to increase its ranking. Afterward, we will work with you monthly to increase that ranking. Our SEO services average an increase of 41% more traffic.
  • Email Marketing Management*: Drive your current customers to action! Make sure that they are informed about your brand and why they need it. We will help you create and send out one email marketing campaign a month. Our managed email marketing campaigns have an averaged open rate of 28% and a click-through rate of 3.3%. Industry averages are 12.5% and 1% respectively.
Trending Brand
  • Everything in the Startup and Growth package plus:
  • Catalog*: Surveys show that a printed catalog is one of the top five ways a retail buyers finds new product. Make sure your catalog works for you. Our team will create a catalog for you that represents your brand.
  • Website*: Your brand is growing. It is time for your website to grow with it. Brand Builder website isn’t a template. Rather, it’s a flexible platform designed and developed from the ground up to reflect your brand. This comes complete with customer login and shopping cart feature. You will build your website and maintain it for you. Need hosting as well? No problem we have you covered. A few statistics on websites we build and maintain :
    • They have a session duration of 2.14 minutes, the industry average is 2-3 minutes.
    • Our average page per session is 3.9 minutes for websites we design and build. The industry average is 2 minutes.
    • Our bounce rate for our websites averages 34.6%, the industry average is 41-60% (lower is better).
Brand Name

This is a completely custom plan specific to you and your brand. We will work with you one on one to create a marketing plan and assist you in executing the plan. Customizing Brand Builder is very much a collaborative process, so we work together to ensure the finished plan accurately reflects your brand. We start with a kick-off call to better understand your objectives, brand culture and personality. That helps us capture what we will need to do to help you grow.

*Terms and conditions may apply. Packages do not include photography, printing, hosting or any third party cost that may be required. Prices may vary due to number of SKUs, products, or other unique factors

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