Our Story

Working closely with both manufacturers and retailers, we bridge the two. and! Sales is in a unique position to offer marketing input, sales advice and consulting and of course the most up to date product trend information.

and! Sales is a majority female owned business that got kicked off in 2010. Recognizing that an industry and Midwestern territory was cluttered with order-takers and lacked skilled sales professionals to implement new methods of business for the betterment of business and the idea of creating success.

and! Sales believes in the marketing strategy and development needed on both the retail side as well as the manufacturing side. Knowing the value of relationships and understanding that sales people and their relationships are the most valued asset of our business. Success drives success.

and! Sales is in the unique position to service retail businesses including, home, hardware, boutiques, e-commerce, seasonal/holiday and more. Further, and! Sales is in a position to guide vendors with the information to best service these retailers.

AND we are a constant work in progress, because we are always thriving for greater progress. AND we are always looking towards the future and finding new ways to do it better.

and! Sales is committed to relationships, developing impact and advancing success. We will lead the way in developing a better business future for the wholesale/retail connection.

AND we are always looking for new partnerships and new opportunities to develop new business networks and sales and marketing channels.

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