January Atlanta Market, Best of Show

Miss something at the Atlanta Market? Didn’t get a chance to make it there this year? No problem we have you covered. Our team spent almost a week at the Atlanta Mart. There were a lot of great lines offering unique products for every occasion. Here is a list of the top six lines our buyers were most excited about!

Creative Brands

and! Sales Creative Brands Face to Face Pillows
Face 2 Face from Creative Brands is a new collection with products that lean toward happy and encouraging collections that we are longing for in our lives. Our style is a mix of coastal climates, often a Scandinavian touch, and always an intentional thought.


April Cornell

and! Sales April Cornell 2020 pattern at the atlanta mart
April Cornell is releasing new patterns for spring 2020. Like the new Marion Tablecloth pictured above! Like a garden of joy, this pleasing palette will effortlessly brighten your home today and for years to come.


Punch Studio

and! Sales Punch Studio best of Atlanta's Mart
Punch Studio designers create original artwork and marry vintage ephemera with their own hand-painted watercolors. It comes to life in stationery, gift, home and office decor, and beauty and accessories. Every product in the diverse line is a unique example of how something old and something new come together to create something artful for those who truly appreciate it.



and! Sales Magenta Rae Dunn at the Atlanta Mart
Magenta’s new Rae Dunn collections has gently rounded forms that are the basis of the Indigo Dreams ceramic
assortment, but watercolor-inspired indigo embellishment is its hallmark. Mugs, plates, canisters and vases sport minimalist motifs of circles, lines, triangles or flowers, taking them from simple to sublime.


Lantern Press

and! Sales lantern press stickers Atlanta Mart
Hot off the presses, Lantern Press’ coolest new way to showcase your special imagery is here, and there, and everywhere. Bright, rich detail catches your eye on our new Die-Cut Stickers wher­ever you place them. Designed for outdoor use, these top-quality stickers are waterproof, permanent and UV resistant. They come cus­tom made with memorable images cut into shapes that match the art.


Molly & Rex

and! Sales Molly & Rex Happy Camper Atlanta Mart
Molly & Rex likes to scrounge in the attic for retro treasures, finding surprising beauty in timeworn objects. They enjoy the spirit of adventure and the feeling of days gone by, and they’ve put our unique timestamp on modern-day accessories designed with a dash of quirky fun. Thier collection was favotire with our buyers through out the Atlanta Mart.


You can order from these lines, online right now. Use our online ordering system to place an order. If you are already signed up with us, you know the drill. If not, don’t worry registering is easy. You can be set up in minutes.


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