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Amid the dozens of ads for new cars and smartphones in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it can be easy to forget that the spirit of the season doesn’t have to come in big-ticket lump sums. Small gifts can still be meaningful, and stocking stuffers may sometimes be forgotten in the frenzy to keep up with the Joneses. Luckily for you, we are a safe haven for gifts of all sizes, and your customers will appreciate the surplus of options! Stockings might be the first thing Santa sees when he comes down your chimney, and it would only make sense he would leave great gifts there.


and! Sales Funatic Socks

As the weather gets cooler, the need for cute and warm socks increases! Funatic has more than a dozen cute socks for all occasions. Socks make the absolute best stocking-stuffer! Funatic makes hilarious funny, edgy, pop-culture inspired socks that appeal to men and women from all ages, with a multitude of interests. They have collegiate options, silly animal-printed options, political options, and so much more! Give the gift of humor, and warmth with Funatic socks!

Duke Cannon

and! Sales Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon has the perfect gifts for the super manly-man in your life. You know, the one that grunts instead of using actual verbiage? The one who takes pride in his ability to build things with his hands? Yeah, him. They have everything from face wash, to body soap, to beard products. They even have soap crafted from beer—can you believe that? These assortments make amazing stocking stuffers, and will leave your customers keeping a few of these items for themselves!

Snark City

and! Sales Snark City 3

Statement items make the best, most personable stocking stuffers. Snark City offers monogrammed t-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, and tons of other boldly stated products! These items make perfect stocking stuffers, as they really allow you to go the extra mile by buying items that are in line with the personality of the lucky person receiving the gift.

These items are great for anyone and make perfects gifts! Need them right away, no problem! You can order them here:

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