5 Styles and Trends in Home Décor and Gift for 2018

2017 is now on the books and what a year it was! Let’s look forward to 2018. Your customers are going to be looking for you to inspire them with new ideas. You need to be armed with the best items on your shelf to help them with their home decor or gift needs. Let’s jump right in with the styles and trends you have to know about.

1. On The Go

Now more than ever people are on the move. Whether they’re a business traveler or a soccer dad, people are constantly on the go. They need items that make their life easier.
and! Sales SIPS
Pictured: Sips water bottles

2. Neutral colors and Monochromatic patterns

Panton’s color of the year, ultra violet is anything but neutral. However, neutral colors and monochromatic patterns remain hot! People’s lives are busy, the headlines in the news are crazy. People want a sense of tranquility and peace. That can be found in comforting colors and patterns.
and! Sales Hester and Cook
Pictured: Hester and Cook Easter setting

3. Personalization

Anyone can find a mass produced item that is vague and unspecific. To have a product that is made specifically for you is something special! It can be a name, state, city, or whatever you can think of. The individuality that a customized item offers cannot be matched.
and! Sales Lantern Press
Pictured: Lantern Press persionaliezed city post cards

4. Personal care

Women are always on the lookout for the new personal care item, but now men are too. The men’s grooming category is projected to grow to over 20 billion dollars in 2018! What’s even crazier is it’s projected to go over 60 billion by 2020!
and! Sales Duke Cannon
Pictured: Duke Cannon men’s beer soap

5. A good story

People don’t want to just consume stuff anymore. They want products that have an impact on them and on society as a whole. Socially conscious products have been popular for a while, but a product does not have to have a social mission to it just have a good story. A product that is genuine and authentic is what a customer is looking for. A good story helps convey that.
and! Sales Bops
Pictured: Bops encourages women in impoverished communities to become entrepreneurs so they can use their God-given skills to provide for their own.

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