6 Tips to Grow Your Retail Store in Times of Uncertainty

Our lives are changing with the spread of Coronavirus ( Covid-19). The impacts on our daily lives can be felt everywhere. Stores temporarily closings, travel bans, event cancelations, remote working, and school closings will affect us all in the coming weeks, regardless of our health status.

We can all agree that the health and safety of our families, coworkers, employees, vendors, and customers is of the utmost importance.

As always, we at and! Sales strive to be a partner with you and help you grow your retail store. During this uncertain and difficult business climate, we need each other more than ever. We can respond to this challenge in one of two ways, proactively, or reactively. We choose to be proactive and help our customers and partners be bold and innovate new ways to grow business.

Your customers still have needs. People will still have birthdays, anniversaries, or just need to send a little love and encouragement. Help people in your community spread some joy during these tough times. Here are our 6 Tips to grow your retail store in times of uncertainty.

6 Tips To Grow Your Retail Store in Times of Uncertainty

Offer curbside pick up

Allow your customers to order over the phone or online. Tell them you will meet them at the curb to hand them their purchase. No need for them to get out of the car!

Host a virtual shopping event on Facebook Live

As your customers are cooped up at home with nothing to do, host a virtual shopping event on Facebook Live. Set a time and a date, promote it on Facebook. When the time comes walk your customers through your store promoting all of the great products you have! Be entertaining. Make it an event!

Post Flash Sale videos

Make a video about a product. Email or post it to social media. Offer an incentive, whoever purchases the product within one hour of the posting gets it 20% off! Have fun with it, make sure they act fast!

Start local delivery

Do you have a loyal base of local customers? Start a free delivery service. Tell your customers that you will deliver their purchase to their house for free! Remove all the buying barriers.

Build an online store

This one may take a couple of days to complete, but with the tools available today anyone can do it. Create an online shop for your business. You should have one anyway, but now is a great time to get it going. There are a ton of services out there that can help you get started like, Wix or SquareSpace. If this feels like the one thing you don’t want to tackle yourself, let us know. We know people that can help you out.

Start an online advertising campaign

With any of these activities, letting your customers know about them will be key. Create an online advertising campaign through Google or Facebook to help you promote. You can do it for just a few bucks and you can focus on your local area. Here is a great resource to getting started, or let us know. We would be more than happy to help you out.

We want to hear how you are being proactive in your community. Send us your story of being bold and innovative. Email us or post it to our social media accounts. We can not wait to hear what you are doing to bring a little joy to your community!

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