Celebrate Seven Garden Trends of 2017

We are celebrating seven years of inspiration. Every week leading up a our anniversary celebration on July 22nd, we are going to inspire you with a new list of 7 things to help boost sales! This week we are reviewing the Seven Top Garden Trends of 2017:


1. Color Blocking

and Sales Color Blocking
Taking a nod from fabric and fashion the idea of “color blocking” is popular in garden and home trends in 2017. Color blocking refers to large swaths of color that contrast to differentiate a certain color from others around it.


2. Natural Materials

and Sales natural materials

Known as the “giving tree,” Birch wood is a symbol of new beginnings, creativity, courage, beauty, and tolerance. The beautifully simple design of our Brich plates, bowls, cups, and utensils make them a wonderful and meaningful gift. Use with hot or cold food or beverages! Take them camping or on picnics! When not in use, hang them up showing off their natural beauty.


3. Pretty Pathways

and Slaes pretty pathways

Don’t just focus on your garden.  Make the pathway to your garden just as beautiful.  A quick and easy way to do that is with lighting, like the solar lighting pictured above.



4. Haute Houseplants

and Sales house plants

Houseplants are extremely popular right now.  Not everyone has the green thumb or space for a full size garden, so house plants can be a quick and easy substitute.  This is especially true for the urbanite in a congested city.



5. Bright Colors

and Sales bright colors

This year there’s only one rule: the more color, the better. Experimenting with bright colors can liven up any area.


6. Garden Features

and Sales garden features

Garden features are physical elements, both natural and manmade, used in garden design.


7. Succulents

and Sales succulents

Succulents are great to grow in your home, patio, or yard.  They have thick, water storaging leaves, stems, and roots. Succulents grow in a wide variety colors, sizes, textures, and shapes.  No matter what look you want, there is a succulent to fit.  Even mini succulents that you can grow on your fingernails instead of polish!


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