Atlanta Market Best in Show July 2021

These 4 Brands Blew Us Away at the Atlanta Market

At the Atlanta Market, Gift, Decor, and Lifestyle 2021 last week, we were able to display many of the brands that we’re supporting in the coming months. While we were thrilled to show off many of these new brands and new products, there were a few products that stood out among the rest. These 4 products, in particular, blew us away at the Atlanta Market.


Adama Voted #1 Show Stopper
Adama was voted the number 1 show-stopping product for the Atlanta market. If your customers are looking for great home decor trends, Adama does it, and they do it better than anyone else. Everything from rugs to tableware to even coasters and wall stickers, they do it all.
With their headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and their sister offices in the US, Adama really has the whole world in front of them. Adama says that their products are created with the spirit of art and creativity, and their customer’s satisfaction and their performance in Atlanta prove that they not only talk the talk but walk the walk.


Melrose International Wonderful World Swing

Melrose Wonderful World Swing
This swing from Melrose is another product that blew away the field at the Atlanta Market. Melrose started as a small company in small-town Illinois, but they’ve grown to become a leader in producing top-notch decor and other beautiful home products. This swing is just another example of their amazing work.
The swing requires no assembly at all, and it’s perfect for both home decoration or as a beautiful addition to your home during a special occasion. As we head into the late summer, this swing is going to be perfect for those final outdoor gatherings this season, like Labor Day.


Boo Boo Balls

Boo Boo Ball Sports Balls
Boo Boo Ball was created by a 22-year-old student at Florida State University, and the brand is clearly setting an amazing example for how future businesses can conduct themselves. Boo Boo Ball’s new product is a sport-themed key chain line. These little key chains come in four variants: cheerleading, soccer, basketball, and baseball, and they’re great for helping their ideal buyers (usually children) to relieve stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions.
Apart from Boo Boo Ball’s new sport-themed products, they also offer miniature Boo Boo Balls, XL Boo Boo Balls that also serve as first aid kits, and special themed ice packs.


Mangiacotti White Spruce Collection

Mangiacotti White Spruce Collection
We’ve talked about Mangiacotti quite a bit, but this brand was red hot again at the Atlanta Market with their new collection — the White Spruce Collection. This collection contains candles, room and fabric spray, and of course hand soap and kitchen soap.
The spruce scent is powerful as well with its blend of spruce and pine and its noteworthy scents of cinnamon, praline, cedarwood, and a small hint of earthy moss. Mangiacotti is also an American-made company, and all products are packaged by citizens with disabilities. They’ll have your customers smelling better, feeling cleaner, and they’ll feel good about their purchase!

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