Celebrate Seven Fashion Trends of 2017

We are celebrating seven years of inspiration and every week leading up a our anniversary celebration on July 22nd. We are going to inspire you with a new list of 7 things to help boost sales! This week we are reviewing the Seven Top Fashion Trends of 2017:


1. Floral

and! Sales Baby Laundry
Clothes, blankets, baby clothes, even decor. You can’t go wrong with floral patterns.


2. Tropical

and! Sales Creative Brands
Live like you’re at the Coco Cabana! Seriously, if you don’t get the tropical trend, just check out one of the trendy tiki bars that seem to be popping up everywhere. You’ll get it then.


3. Graphic Tees

and Sales Snark City

A graphic tee says it all. ‘Nuff said.



4. Stripes

and! Sales ICU

Fun, contemporary, and a great way to add color. Best of all stripes are slimming!



5. Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses

and! Sales Bops

The off the shoulder look is super hot right now. The image above shows a great off the shoulder top paired with a Bops necklace.


6. Athleisure

and Sales Sevenly Fit

This is the best of both worlds, comfortable and great looking! Perfect for the gym or just hanging out.


7. The 90’s

and! Sales Bops

Who didn’t love the 90’s? Grunge, Hip Hop, Starbucks, it was awesome! Check out one of the trends that is back, chokers!


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