Bougie Bottle

Introducing My Bougie Bottle, the fashion-forward, eco-conscious drinkware brand launched in 2019. We set out on a mission to craft the most stunning, robust, and giftable line of insulated water bottles in the market, influenced by the elegance of nature and a passion to safeguard our environment.

With a perfect blend of style and utility, My Bougie Bottle’s products have made waves across over 700 gift shops throughout the US, gracing the shelves of 5-star resorts, airports, zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and casinos. Our leak-proof, conveniently sized drinkware ensures your beverage stays hot or cold for hours, all while packaged in exquisite gift-ready packaging.

Endorsed by renowned publications like Forbes, Vanity Fair, USA Today, BuzzFeed, Medium, The Hollywood Reporter, and BELLA, our bottles are more than a hydration solution – they’re a fashion statement. Choose from an array of colors and playful designs, and hydrate with flair today for a sustainable tomorrow with My Bougie Bottle.

Bougie Bottle Special Offers

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SPRING 24 EARLY BUY through 10/1.
$1500 orders receive 5% off.
$3000 orders receive 7.5% off on booked orders and re-orders, plus listing in online directory.
$5000 orders receive 10% off on booked orders and re-orders, plus listing, plus 25 free giveaways.
Orders placed by 10/1 receive as early as 2/1. Orders placed by 11/1 receive about 3/1.

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