How are you currently taking potato salad to the family picnic? With Saran Wrap and hoping for the best? Or pulling out your stained Tupperware from twenty years ago? The founder’s frustration with how difficult it was to take a dish to pass inspired served. At served, we have three key features that weren’t otherwise available in the marketplace.

First of all, they will keep your food to temperature. We’ve used best-in-class insulative technology to create superior temperature retention: a double wall, an interior copper lining, and a vacuum. Secondly, the are easy to transport. Thanks to the double wall, they stay cool and dry to the touch, and thanks to the tight-fitting lid, they won’t spill in your car or on your lap.

Finally, they look great. With their clean lines and simple (read: logo-free) finish in on-trend colors, served pieces are designed to look great at a barbecue or on an elegant holiday table. One of our favorite product reviews said it best about our Pitcher: “I never realized before how dysfunctional every pitcher I own really is! This one doesn’t water down my drinks and doesn’t sweat all over the table.”

We’ve been delighted to be recognized by both Oprah and Real Simple this year for our winning combination of form and function.

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