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Pourri, represented by and! Sales. Their mission to bring levity to a world weighed down by toxic odors, stigmas and ingredients, leaving the world (smelling) better than we found it.

About Pourri

The idea for Poo~Pourri began in 2006 at an all-too-intimate dinner party when someone blew up the one and only bathroom. That is when Suzy Batiz came up with an idea for and all too common problem. People poop, and it stinks! There must be a natural product that would stop bathroom odor. 9 months of testing, pooping and repeating the process, Suzy came up with the solution and Poo~Pourri was born. In 2021 Poo~Pourri became ~Pourri as an odor eliminator. Removing odors from your home and life, naturally.

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